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  • Adult myopathies

    Clinical characterization as well as immunologic and image studies in myositis patients. Clinical approach to the non-myositis patients (metabolic, toxic and mitochondrial myopathies).

  • Mitochondrial dysfunctions, either primary or secondary

    Enzimatic activities as well as mitochondrial respiration and genetic studies (deletions, depletions of mitochondrila DNA) in primary and secondary mitochondrial disorders.

  • Alcohol comsumption and cardiomyopathy

    Pathophysiology of the syndrome in cell cultures. Clinical studies and long term follow-up in order to write the natural history of the disease.

  • Septic shock amb multiorgan dysfunction

    Septic shock still implies a high mortatlity, even in the ICU. The proper management of the syndrome even in pre-hospital scenario is crucial in order to improve the survival of the patients.