Symptoms of a Bunion

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To understand the pain due to the hallux valgus it must be remembered that the pain is not often in the bunion (medial prominence) but in other parts of the foot. This is because the appearance of a hallux valgus normally produces a dysfunction of the foot and an overall change in its support. This situation of disequilibrium creates a sequence of very characteristic changes in the foot.

The consulting symptoms are mainly pain and deformity. However, hallux valgus causes symptoms in three specific forms:

Pain in the medial prominence of the foot

Pain in the medial prominence which appears due to the bones of the foot deviating. This pain is due to pressure and the shoes rubbing.

Flatfoot pain and metatarsalgia

Pain in the sole of the foot (metatarsalgia) due to changes in the normal function of the foot support, which causes excessive pressure below the metatarsals. It can be very crippling.

Clinodactyly, deformity or deviation of the toes

Deformity of the adjacent toes. Due to the deviation of the big toe, there is compression and displacement of the adjacent toes that are also deformed (claw toes, hammer toes, etc.).

As such the symptoms of hallux valgus are due to two factors:

  • The deformity of the big toe itself and the other toes (generally due to the pressure and rubbing over the prominent areas).
  • The change in the support resulting from it (pain in the sole of the foot below head of the metatarsals or metatarsalgia).


Signs of the Bunion

Foot with incipient bunion and pain

Appearance of a lump in the middle part of the foot (bunion).

Hallux valgus or deviation of the big toe due to a bunion

Lateral deviation of the big toe (hallux valgus) and smaller toes.

Clinodactyly, deformity or deviation of the toes

Deformity of the small toes (claw or hammer toes).

Calloused feet

Calluses on the sole of the foot (hyperkeratosis).

Substantiated information by:

Cristina Casals Crosas
Daniel Poggio Cano
Jessica Martínez Castillejo
Jordi Fluvià Creus

Published: 20 February 2018
Updated: 20 February 2018

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