Prognosis for Flu

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Previously healthy people generally recover 1 or 2 weeks after the onset of the flu symptoms by following symptomatic treatment, that is, treatment based on alleviating their symptoms, hydration, controlling the fever and rest.

Those with a greater risk of developing flu-related complications also have an increased risk of being admitted to hospital. This is mainly because they suffer more severe flu symptoms and can develop complications such as bronchitis, pneumonia, respiratory failure and exacerbations of any underlying diseases such as diabetes, asthma and cardiovascular and/or lung conditions and, therefore, they require medical monitoring.

Some patients may develop a severe episode of flu and must be admitted to an ICU for optimal management and monitoring of the infection.

Complications of Flu

Influenza or flu infections can produce a range of respiratory complications as well as others that affect other organs. These complications include otitis, conjunctivitis, sinusitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. Patients may also develop complications affecting the central nervous system or complications such as congestive heart failure, myocarditis and pericarditis.

Clinical evolution of patients admitted to hospital for flu or influenza

Standing doctor pointing at a notepad with a clinical history

Adherence to medication. To ensure the best possible clinical progression, both hospitalised and home patients must adhere to their antiviral treatments closely. It is very important for patients to get in touch with healthcare personnel if the symptoms do not improve within 72 hours after starting antiviral therapy.

Person at rest and hydrating

Rest and stay well hydrated.

Return to hospital

Do not miss your healthcare appointment. Flu patients should still visit their doctor to confirm their complete recovery.

Substantiated information by:

Anna Llupià
Antoni Trilla
Catia Cillóniz Campos
Gemina Santana

Published: 10 March 2020
Updated: 10 March 2020

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