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Collaborate with our research, help us find solutions against COVID-19

Hospital Clínic-IDIBAPS is firmly committed to the fight against COVID-19: from the healthcare aspect, with the attention and care of patients from the start of the pandemic, and from the scientific perspective, to find solutions that allow us to continue taking care of them and avoid new episodes of contagion.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, healthcare professionals and research teams of Hospital Clínic-IDIBAPS have worked extensively to obtain responses that allow us to understand better the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and how it behaves.

Advance in research is critical to address and control COVID-19 definitively. To do so, our researchers work on different lines:

  • Knowing the biology of the virus and its infection mechanisms
  • Developing diagnostic and immunity tests to screen the population
  • Developing curative treatments
  • Developing a preventive vaccine
  • Identifying which people are more likely to have a severe form of the disease
  • Studying the possible sequelae of the disease in people went through it, also in those previously affected by other pathologies

To face this great challenge, we count on both the ability of our research teams to lead projects, as well as the knowledge accumulated by the care, in our hospital, of thousands of cases of people affected by COVID-19. Only through research and with the collaboration of everyone will we find the definitive solution to this emergency.

We will do it with the same insistence with which we have responded to the health emergency. We will achieve it with the effort and dedication of our research teams through alliances with other national and international institutions, when necessary, and with the support and collaboration of organizations, entities, companies, and individuals. To all of them, thank you!

You can also play an essential role in stopping this disease, collaborate!