Research lines

  • Genetic and epigenetic diagnosis of autoinflammatory disease

    Extending knowledge of genetic diagnostic tools to improve the determination and management of patients with this group of rare immunodeficiencies, in which the immunology department of Hospital Clínic, Barcelona is a national and international benchmark.

  • Molecular determination of the T-cell specific immune response

    Brief explanation: study of the T-cell specific immune response, based on molecular and especially genetic definition of the recognition mechanisms of these lymphocytes, which are carried out specifically through the polymorphic HLA system.

  • Cellular and genetic immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer and other immune-mediated diseases

    Development of mainly cell therapies based primarily on dendritic cells (vaccines) or T-cells (adoptive immunotherapy: TILs, etc.), though in the cased of CAR-T cells, combined with gene therapy, to treat tumors and inflammatory-autoimmune diseases (tolerogenic immunotherapy) when no other options are available. Using clinical trials, this line of therapy aims to obtain the authorization of the AEMPS to use these products (mainly autologous) at Hospital Clínic.