Research lines

  • Annexin A6 and signaling

    AnxA6 is recruited to the plasma membrane after different stimuli due to a local increment of calcium levels. It has been shown that AnxA6 binds and targets numerous Ras/MAPK signaling pathway proteins such as p120GAP, Raf-1 and PKCα to the vicinity of the plasma membrane. There, AnxA6 works as a scaffolding protein that regulates these signaling pathways. In this project we study the molecular mechanisms that allow AnxA6 to regulate these signaling pathways and its implication in cell proliferation and cancer.

  • Annexin A6 in membrane trafficking and organization

    AnxA6 is a highly dynamic protein involved in a number of cellular events linked to membrane transport such as the cholesterol delivery from late endosomes to the Golgi and the plasma membrane, the cholesterol-dependent recruitment of cPLA2 to the Golgi and its involvement in Golgi vesiculation, and the regulation of SNARE proteins. In this research line we study the molecular and cellular mechanisms that AnxA6 regulates in all these processes.

  • Role of Annexin A6 during Liver regeneration

    Annexin A6 is an abundant protein in the liver. However, its depletion shows no phenotype in mice. Due to its relevant role of AnxA6 in lipid metabolism and cellular trafficking, we aim to study the bile synthesis and secretion in AnxA6 knock-out mice. At the same time, we will study the function of AnxA6 in a liver under metabolic and regenerative stress through 2/3 partial hepatectomy.