Teaching and Training

The Hospital Clínic Cardiovascular Institute organizes various training initiatives aimed at students and professionals.

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses

The Institute's professionals teach several subjects in the University of Barcelona’s Bachelor Degree courses in Medicine, Nursing and Biomedical Engineering.  In addition to receiving theoretical classes, the students carry out practical work experience at the Institute.

Afterwards, many specialists in Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery take one of the sub-specialization programmes for a variable period of between one and three years in interventional cardiology, arrhythmias, cardiac imaging, acute cardiac care, cardiovascular surgery and vascular surgery. 

Master’s degree courses

Several ICCV professionals participate as lecturers in different master’s degree courses at the University of Barcelona:

The Hospital Clínic Cardiovascular Institute trains medical resident interns (MIR) in the speciality of Cardiology (three each year for five years of training) and Cardiovascular Surgery (one each years for five years of training).  

Continuing training

Continuous training sessions are carried out by professionals from the Institute every weekday and training and refresher courses in cardiovascular medicine are organized in collaboration with primary care professionals.

Nursing professionals also organize a Master’s Degree in Cardiovascular Nursing and benchmark continuous training courses. A subspecialized training programme in cardiac insufficiency, cardiovascular risk and atrial fibrillation started recently.

Women are less likely to undergo angioplasty after a heart attack, according to a study with nonagenarian patients

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