Appointment of Álvaro Urbano-Ispizua, Group leader (R4)
Our mission is to convert the best scientific discoveries into the best treatments for patients with malignant haemopathies

Current research


Patients with advanced malignant haemopathies have a very short life expectancy. The group devotes its efforts to modifying the patient’s immune system, thus making it possible to generate a more specific and powerful anti-tumour response.


The group performs the genetic modification of the patient’s lymphocytes (CAR T cells), causing them to express a receptor that identifies leukaemia cells and that, once recognised, has high capacity to proliferate and to attack them.


The group has already used this procedure to treat 40 patients diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, with excellent results. It is currently preparing a modification to extend the use of procedure to multiple myeloma patients.