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The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona is recognized for its level of excellence and quality in the areas of assistance, teaching, research and innovation.

The professionals who work at the Clinic identify with the fundamental values of the institution: trust, gratitude and generosity.

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Opportunities and benefits of working at the Clinic

Leading hospital

Leading hospital

Working at the Clinic places you at the forefront of medicine. We are not only leaders and benchmarks in the healthcare sector, but we enjoy a close relationship with one of the most prestigious universities in Barcelona, which ensures constant training and updating.

Growth and stability

Growth and stability

Hospital Clínic not only gives you the opportunity to start a career, but also to develop in it. We offer multiple opportunities for promotion and professional growth in a stable and secure environment.

Commitment and camaraderie

Commitment and camaraderie

Here each member is valued and supported, forming part of a human team that works together to provide the best care. We offer an atmosphere with values where team spirit prevails.


Privileged location

Privileged location

Our location in Barcelona not only gives you the opportunity of working in one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in the world, but also of living there and enjoying everything it has to offer.

What is it like to work in nursing?

What is it like to work in nursing?

Nursing is one of the fundamental parts of our institution. If you are looking to develop in this area, we offer you various opportunities, from continuing education to the possibility of leading and participating in innovative projects. Here, each nurse has the opportunity to stand out and make a difference.

Everyone plays a part

Everyone plays a part

Each professional carries out a key task within the hospital so that the gears of the institution mesh.

Clinic professionals share their experience

Welcoming new professionals

Appointment of
Every month the Management welcomes the professionals who join the hospital.

Working at the Clinic

Appointment of Ariadna Bartra, Critical Care Nurse (ICU)
"This hospital has specialist institutes in different pathologies. The ICUs are also specialized, which means that there is a lot of teamwork and you can learn a lot. The nurses have great autonomy and decision-making capacity thanks to the fact that they are frequently promoted in training. It is highly encouraged that you continue to train and improve."


The following FAQs are designed to answer the most frequently asked questions about job opportunities at our hospital. If you are a healthcare professional or are interested in joining our team, you will find the information you need here.


You can apply directly through our website in the "Work with us" section. You just have to select the offer that interests you and follow the instructions.


Requirements vary by site. In the description of each job offer, you will find the necessary certificates and licenses detailed.

Yes, we offer several continuing education and training programs to ensure our staff are up to date with the best medical and administrative practices.

We offer a variety of contracts, including temporary, permanent and part-time, depending on the needs of each department.

Yes, we have a dedicated Human Resources department. You can contact them directly via (email/phone number).

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The Hospital Clínic is looking for professionals in the medical field, nursing, administration, general services and other specialties who want to join a community center of high specialization, where practically all medical and surgical specialties are covered.

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