Training stays

Training stays are offered to foreign professionals who are working in a country that has signed a cultural collaboration agreement with Spain.

Training stays are designed for foreign professionals. They must be authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Health.

Information on Training Stays from the Spanish Ministry of Health

Procedure to follow

1. Contact the corresponding speciality at the Hospital Clínic in order to find out whether it is available.

2. After assessing your application, the Hospital Clínic’s Teaching Commission will issue a favourable or unfavourable report.  If it is favourable, the hospital will take the necessary steps, contacting the authority in charge of specialized training in our Autonomous Community in order to obtain the corresponding report.

3. If the Autonomous Community’s report is favourable, the applicant will receive this report by e-mail along with the report by the Teaching Commission, so that the necessary can be followed on the Ministry of Health’s website.

Teaching Management Administration