Research lines

  • Neurodegenerative diseases and tumors of the central nervous system

    Study of the mechanisms and markers of degeneration and extension of neurodegenerative diseases and neoplastic biomarkers of the central nervous system.

  • Molecular lymph node staging in colorectal carcinoma

    Conventional lymph node staging in colorectal carcinoma is performed using pathology analysis. The use of molecular techniques for lymph node staging is more sensitive and results in a better patient staging and management.

  • Skin and kidney involvement in haematological and systemic diseases

    Studies investigating the morphological findings and molecular mechanisms underlying the inflammatory processes affecting skin and kidney commonly observed in haematological and systemic diseases.

  • Molecular techniques applied to melanocytic neoplasia, especially to melanoma diagnosis

    Study of molecular features of melanocytic proliferations, focused on differential diagnosis between benign nevus and melanoma.

  • Head and neck carcinomas oncogenesis and prognostic factors

    Molecular studies of carcinomas of the upper respiratory tract, including oncogenetic pathways and translational studies related to prognosis and treatment response.

  • Transcriptional expression profiles involved in molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis

    We focus mainly on prostate, breast, urologic, skin, gastrointestinal and lung tumors.