Research lines

  • Best practices

    Clinical research to evaluate or improve health practice. It is important to adhere to improved code of conduct and the highest standards to get optimum patient care.

  • Safety

    Interventions to promote safety and quality of care at all levels. Creating a safe environment is a top quality feature.

  • Cronicity

    Training and emotional support programs for dependant older people and their family caregivers. Development of guides and access to an online patient portal gives information to non professional caregivers and patients. Main topics are hypertension, diabetes, obesity and incontinence.

  • Empowerment

    The aim is to increase patient empowerment and to develop assessment tools to document educational interventions with experiences. Patient centred care and self-management have many benefits as stated in literature. Development of strategies for family caregivers is also crucial.

  • Management (advanced practice)

    Development of strategies for implementation of Advanced Practice Nurses is an opportunity for an advance in nursing as international experiences have been very positive.

  • Dementia

    Development of educational interventions for nurses to improve quality of care of patients admitted to the hospital and during their transitions between care levels. Also, development of strategies for family and informal caregivers to improve quality care at home.