Research lines

  • Identification of specific signatures in blood to categorize HCC patients for each specific therapy

    Studies performed to identify protein and RNA signatures in liquid biopsies and validate them as prognostic markers of initial therapy efficacy and of second line treatment after drug-resistance appearance

  • Microenvironment-directed therapies to block the development of HCC and liver metastasis

    In syngeneic tumor models, small molecule inhibitors against modulators of extracellular matrix composition are tested to reduce tumor development and avoid the pro-carcinogenic priming of the liver during chronic hepatic diseases

  • Molecular therapies to improve HCC management, and help to overcome sorafenib resistance

    Mitochondrial-directed and lipid-based therapies against molecules overexpressed by sorafenib, and other drugs, are tested to revert resistance in cell and animal models and to increase HCC treatment efficacy.