About me

Doctor in Biomedicine (Universitat de Barcelona). During the last ten years, I have specialized in cellular, molecular biology and genetics, with special emphasis on gene editing methodologies and gastrointestinal disorders. Former PhD student at IIBB-CSIC (Barcelona), where I specialized in the study of pancreatic cancer. In 2017, I joined the Germline Predisposition to Gastrointestinal Cancer Group, led by Dr. Sergi Castellví at FRCB-IDIBAPS to lead the development of a new line of research on functional genomics.

Featured publications

Featured Projects

  • Colorectal cancer in adolescents and young adults: identification of germline predisposition and somatic insults by a comprehensive multiomic characterization

    Principal investigator: Sergi Castellvi Bel
    Funder: Fundacion Cientifica de la Asociacion Espanola contra el Cancer
    Code: AECC_Proyectos21
    Duration: 01/12/2021 - 30/11/2024
  • Germline predisposition to colorectal cancer: functional characterization of new genes by CRISPR/CAS and organoid modeling (PARAGON)

    Principal investigator: Sergi Castellvi Bel
    Funder: Instituto de Salud Carlos III
    Code: PI20/00113
    Duration: 01/01/2021 - 31/12/2023