Research lines

  • Bacteremia

    We have been prospectively collecting data on all episodes of bacteremia in the hospital since 1990. This makes it possible to analyze the epidemiology and course of this infection, the effect of antibiotic treatment and the comorbidity of the focus of the infection. The register currently has more than 20,000 episodes.

  • Immunocompromised patients

    Register of patients with blood cancer undergoing chemotherapy or bone-marrow transplant. The main areas of study are infections by multiresistant and fungal micro-organisms and the use of artificial intelligence to improve the diagnostic and therapeutic process in these patients.

  • Bone and joint infections

    European Register of Infections/AIDS on joint prostheses, aimed at studying diagnostic methods and the efficacy of new antibiotics in this type of infection.

  • Intestinal microbiota

    We are developing a system to make it possible to perform fecal transplants from healthy volunteers to patients with Clostridium difficile and which can be applied to different fields of medicine.