Research lines

  • Systemic vasculitis. Mechanisms involved in inflammation and vascular remodeling as a source of biomarkers of clinical utility and therapeutic innovation

    • Accurate characterization of patient cohorts (systemic vasculitis) according to relevant outcomes (diease extent, relapsing disease, complications derived from vascular occlusion or dilatation, or reparative fibrosis, treatment toxicity) according to internationally.
    • Identification of  biomarkers associated with specific phenotypes or response to therapies (clinical or imaging data, genetic, epigenetic, immunopathological or molecular biomarkers in biologic fluids or tissues) through candidate biomarker approach or through multi-omic approaches, locally or through multi-centre collaboration.
    • Funtional testing of candidate molecules/pathways in in vitro models including primary cell cultures and co-cultures, biologic models (adhesion, migration, angiogenesis), 3D- models, ex-vivo explants.
    • Generation of pre-clinical data with targeted therapies in these models.
    • Participation in the design and performance of innovative clinical trials with targeted therapies in patients with systemic vasculitis.