Research lines

  • Role of sinusoidal cells in the progression and regression of liver diseases

    We aim at comprehensively characterizing the molecular mechanisms responsible for sinusoidal cells de-regulation during the progression of liver pathologies (cirrhosis, steatohepatitis, acute liver injury, etc) to ultimately understand the basis of the disease, and to develop novel and efficient therapies to promote its regression.

  • Sinusoidal communications in liver diseases

    Using original bioengineered in vitro models, we aim at describing the effects that modifications in sinusoidal biomechanics, occurring during liver disease progression, may exert on the phenotype of liver cells. This would allow the discovery of novel targets, and therefore the development of innovative therapeutics.

  • Aging & liver diseases

    Considering the increase in worldwide population median age and life expectancy, we devote a significant part of our resources at characterizing, identifying new therapeutic targets and developing novel therapeutics for this sub-population of patients. We closely work with gerontologists to better comprehend the origin of the disease and the relevancy of our findings.