Research lines

  • Understanding the biogenesis and consumption of lipid droplets: decoding the metabolic syndrome?

    Accumulation of lipid droplets is the cellular hallmark of a plethora of prevalent diseases. Understanding the life-cycle of these organelles will uncover new approaches for intervention.

  • Exploring new functions for lipid droplets: from immunity to cancer

    Lipid droplets are organelles highly conserved in all eukaryotic cells; from unicellular to pluricellular organisms. The role of lipid droplets beyond lipid metabolism is explored.

  • Caveolins in the endoplasmic reticulum: homeostatic cholesterol sensors?

    Caveolin functions as an intracellular cholesterol sensor, efficiently moving cholesterol between different compartments. These circuits in health and disease are studied.

  • The role of hepatic endosomes in the regulation of systemic cholesterol: the why, the where and the how of arteriosclerosis

    High levels of circulating cholesterol (LDL) are at the origin of atherosclerosis. Receptors in the liver and hepatic endosomes finely determine these levels: the cellular mechanisms are investigated.