Research lines

  • Follicular lymphoma crosstalk with its immune microenvironment as a source novel targeted therapy

    Immune microenvironment is fundamental for Follicular lymphoma (FL) onset and progression. Thus, we study how FL cells shape their microenvironment to their own benefit, speciafically focuses in the tole of macrophages, Follicular Dendritic Cells and T Follicular Helper cells. This knowledge provides us with the clues to design new targeted therapies to dismantle this protective FL niche.

  • Novel immunotherapeutic approaches in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL)

    20 years ago, rituximab, the first anti-CD20 antibody, revolutionized the immunotherapy for treatment of lymphoma. More recently, subsequent lymphoma studies have uncovered the specific expression of immunosuppressive molecules that impede anti-tumor immune function. We are interested in reactivating immune response by tailored immunotherapeutic combinations that target immune checkpoints and adenosine receptors adapted to each lymphoma subtype.

  • 3D lymphoma patient derived primary cultures: a superior in vitro system for personalized medicine

    In order to obtain meaningful in vitro results and increase the success of bench-to-bedside translation, robust, reliable and reproducible in vitro systems are needed. To this aim, we are working on the generation of 3D cultures of NHL primary cells including their corresponding microenvironment. This system will serve as a platform for basic studies and discovery of tailored therapies, setting collaborations with academia and industry and reducing the use animal models to the latest steps of validation.