Appointment of Carme Junqué, Group leader
There is no answer without a question, no question without information, no information without a history and no history without the people in it

Current research


In an ever-ageing society, it is important to understand the risk factors and protectors, and the cerebral mechanisms related to the preservation of the cognitive function and mental health over time.

Ageing and the neurodegenerative pathologies that come with it lead to relevant cognitive and behavioural alterations in the daily lives of the people who are affected and their families. We must gain an understanding of the brain networks involved in these alterations, possible modification and the response to pharmacological and behavioural interventions.


The group studies the brain networks involved in cognitive and behavioural deficits related to ageing and neurodegenerative pathologies. To achieve this objective, they use multimodal magnetic resonance imaging and transcranial magnetic and electric stimulation techniques.


Research is targeted at improving and solving problems related to what is known as 'Health, ageing and disease'. In recent years the group has applied multimodal approaches that have enabled them to increase their knowledge of the changes in the structure and functional connectivity of the brain related to diverse phases of ageing and neurodegenerative diseases.

Maintaining the sound structure and function of the neural networks during one’s lifetime is essential in ageing well and depends largely on one’s habits and lifestyles.