A nutritional combination of saturated fatty acids can induce steatohepatitis

Researchers from the IIBB-CSIC and IDIBAPS have published an article in Oncotarget journal in which they have shown for the first time that diets enriched in two types of saturated fatty acids - palmitic and myristic - induce the development of steatohepatitis, an advanced stage of the fatty liver disease, and promotes fat to accumulate in the liver which causes inflammation. The coordinators of this study are Dr. Jose C. Fernández-Checa, Head of the Mitochondrial Regulation of Cell Death and Steatohepatitis IDIBAPS team, and Dr. Carmen García-Ruiz, researcher at the same team. Dr. Laura Martinez, post-doctoral researcher at Dr. Fernández-Checa’s group, is the first author of the study.