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A study reveals the biological changes in breast cancer between the primary tumor and metastases

A study published in the journal Cancer Research underscores the importance of the molecular characterization of the metastases in breast cancer. Researchers have described, for the first time, that the longer the time from the onset of the tumor to the development of metastasis is, the more aggressive this cancer becomes. They have also shown that between the initial tumor and the metastasis the subtype of breast cancer can change in up to 40% of cases. The work has been coordinated by Aleix Prat, Head of the Oncology Department of the Hospital Clínic, Head of the Translational Genomics team and directed therapies in solid tumors IDIBAPS team and Head of the VHIO Translational Genomics Group. The first author of the study is Juan Miguel Cejalvo, PhD student of the PhD4MD program in the group led by Aleix Prat at IDIBAPS and in the Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis group of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona), led by the ICREA researcher Roger Gomis.