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A study shows that elite controllers have a similar genetic profile to that of HIV-uninfected people

The elite controllers (EC) are those people in whom AIDS does not progress despite being infected with HIV. A study led by the IDIBAPS and published in the PLOS ONE journal focuses on whether these EC have a specific genetic profile, different from other patients with HIV, which allows them to control viremia without the need of antiretroviral therapy. Thus, researchers have identified 23 miRNAs differentially expressed, four of which are over-expressed in EC and people without the disease and another 19 are under-expressed in this population compared to patients with HIV. The study was led by Dr. Mireia Arnedo and Dr. Montserrat Plana, researchers at the IDIBAPS group of Infectious Diseases and AIDS, led by Dr. Josep Maria Gatell. The article’s first author is Dr. Lander Egaña-Gorroño.