A therapeutic HIV vaccine clinical trial induces viral control in 5 people without taking antiretroviral therapy

A therapeutic HIV vaccine clinical trial showed, for the first time, that in some cases the immune system of HIV infected people can be reeducated to control the virus for long periods without taking antiretroviral treatment. In particular, 5 out of 13 participants who stopped treatment (38.5%) have been controlling the virus for 5, 13, 17, 20 and 27 weeks, respectively. The study, still ongoing, is conducted in Barcelona and tests a vaccine developed by researchers at Oxford University in combination with a drug, romidepsin, able to awaken latent viruses in the body. The study is conducted by IrsiCaixa and the Fight AIDS Foundation and performed at the ospital Clínic de Barcelona-IDIBAPS, the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital (Barcelona) and the community center BCN Checkpoint.