A Tribute to Mr. Grau, Manager of the Clínic for 20 Years, During the Presentation of his Book

On 16 April, the Sala Farreras Valentí of Hospital Clínic, Barcelona was the venue for the presentation of the book “El negoci sanitari. Vint anys de gestió que van canviar l’Hospital Clínic (1983-2003)” by Joan Grau, the manager of the Clínic during this period. He led the team that carried out the physical and organizational transformation of the hospital to make it one of the best in Spain and a reference standard in European health care.

The presentation of the book and tribute to Mr. Grau was presided by Marina Geli, the Catalan Minister For Health, and included the participation of Dr. Raimon Belenes, CEO of Hospital Clínic, Dr. Boi Ruiz, chairman of the Catalan Union of Hospitals and Ms. Isabel Tovar, deputy chairwoman of SEDISA. Also present were the directors of other hospitals and health care centers in Barcelona.

Exemplars del llibre del Sr. Joan Grau, gerent del Clínic durant 20 anysThe book presents a critical view of the development of national health system in Spain and explains the inner workings of a business of which we all have been or will be clients. In the book, Mr. Grau says that health care should be managed with the same rigor as a company - this comes from the knowledge of someone who took part in creating the Catalan health care model and who ran Hospital Clínic for 20 years.

The event concluded with the presentation by the Minister for Health of the gold insignia of the hospital and a print from the Mali collection of the Majorcan painter, Miquel Barceló.