Aleix Prat, named Board Member of the Breast International Group

Dr. Aleix Prat, Head of the Clinical Oncology Department at Hospital Clínic and of the Translational genomics and targeted therapeutics in solid tumors research team at IDIBAPS, has been named member of the Executive Board of the Breast International Group (BIG). The BIG is an international non-profit organisation that includes more than 56 cooperative groups from around the world, more than 10,000 experts and it is linked to more than 3,000 hospitals. Its main goal is to promote clinical and translational research in breast cancer. The appointment, which represents a recognition to his professional career in this field, took place during the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) held in June 2-6 in Chicago.

Dr. Aleix Prat was student at the UB School of Medicine and did his medical residency as a medical oncologist at the Vall d'Hebron Hospital. Then he moved to the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill for a four-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Laboratory of the prestigious Professor Charles M. Perou. On his return to Barcelona in 2012, Dr. Prat has been actively working on clinical and translational research in breast cancer, in combination combined with his teaching and assistance activities. His discoveries in the laboratory using genomic data have allowed a better individualization of the breast cancer treatment. He has participated in more than 100 original articles and has led important international studies within the Spanish cooperative group on breast cancer (SOLTI), where he participates as a scientific coordinator since 2015.

Dr. Prat says that "BIG offers international collaboration which is crucial to make significant advances in breast cancer research, by means of reducing unnecessary duplication of effort, sharing data, and enabling collaboration between clinicians and scientists. This is the way to contribute to a faster development of better treatments". And he adds that "it is an honor that the General Assembly has considered me to occupy such an important position". BIG's Board of Directors has 15 global experts and is the organization's main scientific and decision-making authority.