Clínic Barcelona

An IDIBAPS-Clínic study shows for the first time the benefits of the Google-Pubmed "big data" in systemic autoimmune diseases geoepidemiology

The big data is changing the landscape of scientific research, also in medicine, where in areas such as epidemiology and genetics allows analyzing total or almost total populations in studies that can be relatively basic (determine the impact of a specific disease in a population) or very complex (analyzing the effectiveness of new drugs on a whole population or large-scale genetic research).

Now a geoepidemiologic autoimmune study conducted on 394.827 patients with systemic autoimmune diseases (SAD) led by the Systemic Autoimmune Diseases IDIBAPS team, the Transverse Group for research in Primary Care from IDIBAPS and CAPSBE, and the Hospital Clínic, in co-operation with Tel Aviv University, King's College University of London and the Harvard Medical School in Boston, shows the results of a massive data search using Google and Pubmed in combination, and the benefits that can be obtained for medical research on systemic autoimmune diseases (SAD). The study is available online in the journal Autoimmunity Reviews.