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An UB research shows that cholesterol plays a key role in cell migration

A group of researchers led by professor Carles Enrich, Chief of  IDIBAPS' Endocytosis and Protein Intracellular Transit team and member of Cellular Biology, Immunology and Neurosciences UB Dept., have found that cholesterol plays a key role in cell mobility and tissue invasion. The results of the study prove that the accumulation of LDL cholesterol cells —the one carried by low-density lipoproteins— may play a crucial role in promoting cell mobility. On the contrary, high levels of HDL cholesterol —the one carried by high-density lipoproteins— may avoid cell propagation. This is a key study to better understand cancer metastasis, the process in which cancer cells invade healthy tissues, and foster the discussion on the relationship between cholesterol levels and cancer incidence. The paper is published in open access Cell Reports.