Blanca Molins receives the Julián García Sánchez award for research on vision issues

Blanca Molins rep el premi Julián García Sánchez de recerca en temes de la visió

Dr. Blanca Molins, researcher at the eye Inflammation IDIBAPS team, has been awarded with the International Research Award "Prof. Dr. Julián García Sánchez 2016".

The award recognizes scientific works that make a significant contribution to the knowledge, diagnosis and / or treatment of pathologies related to vision. In the case of Molins, the award has been for the work entitled “Complement factor H binding of monomeric C-reactive Protein downregulates proinflammatory activity and is impaired with at risk Polymorphic CFH variants” which delves into the role of C-reactive protein, an inflammation biomarker, in Macular Degeneration Associated with Age (AMD).

The award was presented in the framework of the Annual Meeting of the Madrid Society of Ophthalmology and was collected, on behalf of Molins, by the ophthalmologist David Diaz Valle.