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Clinic-IDIBAPS researchers identify that the epigenetic history of lymphoma predicts its clinical course

A study published in the journal Cancer Cell  deciphers for the first time the epigenome of mantle cell lymphoma, an aggressive type of cancer derived from B lymphocytes, the cells of the immune system responsible for producing antibodies. The research reveals in detail the epigenetic history of lymphoma. On the one hand, it identifies the cell of origin and, on the other, it reveals that the more the epigenome of tumor cells evolves, the more aggressive the patient's clinical course is. In addition, researchers discover that three-dimensional DNA conformation changes in lymphomas and leads to the activation of cancer genes. Dr. Iñaki Martín-Subero has coordinated the study. He is researcher at the University of Barcelona and at the Molecular Mechanisms of Lymphoid Neoplasms IDIBAPS research group, led by Dr. Elías Campo.