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Consumption of Mediterranean diet typical food rich in polyphenols is associated with better cognitive function

Life expectancy in developed countries has increased leading to a growing prevalence of diseases associated with aging, such as cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. Among these, one of the most common age-related conditions is Alzheimer's disease. An article published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease links typical Mediterranean diet food consumption, like olive oil and nuts, with better cognitive function. The first author of the article is Dr. Cinta Valls-Pedret, from the Lipids Unit at Hospital Clínic of Barcelona, and its last author is Dr. Emili Ros, head of the IDIBAPS Hypertension, lipids and cardiovascular risk team and head of the Lipids Unit at Hospital Clínic. The study was conducted in old people with high cardiovascular risk, as part of a larger trial called PREDIMED.