Dr. Ángel Carracedo offers a IDIBAPS Seminar about new genomic strategies against colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer is related with heritability in around 30% of cases, but only 5% of genetic variance can be attributed to highly penetrant mutations. Thus, the investigators fighting the disease face a very complex problem which can only be solved using the latest genetics and bioinformatics technologies. Dr. Ángel Carracedo, Director of the Centro Nacional de Genotipado (CenGen-ISCIII) at Universidad Santiago de Compostela, is one of these investigators exploring all the opportunities to disclose the key pathways of colorectal cancer. He shared his experience in a IDIBAPS Seminar hosted by Dr. Antoni Castells, which was held in October 14th and entitled: New genomic strategies for the identification of genes involved in colorectal cancer.