Dr. Eduard Vieta honored by the The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation for outstanding achievements in mood disorders research

The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation celebrates 25 years of Empowering Research for Productive Lives by honoring eight extraordinary scientists at its Annual National Awards Dinner, to be held in New York City on October 26. Selected through a peer-review process of the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Scientific Council, a volunteer group of 138 pre-eminent mental health researchers, the prizes often mark the culmination of career achievements in furthering the understanding and treatment of mental illness.

This year's Outstanding Achievement Prizewinners include Dr. Eduard Vieta, who will receive the Colvin Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Mood Disorders Research. Dr. Vieta is Professor and Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Director of the Bipolar Disorders Program of the Hospital Clínic at the University of Barcelona. He is also the Director of the Bipolar Research Program of the Spanish Research Network on Mental Diseases. He has made remarkable contributions to the understanding and treatment of bipolar disorder that have helped improve the lives of millions of individuals with bipolar disorder around the globe.

His studies range from those that have demonstrated the efficacy of the most widely used atypical antipsychotic in monotherapy and combination therapy in the long term prevention of both manic and depressive episodes to one that showed the effectiveness of gabapentin as augmentation therapy in long term prophylaxis. He and his group have also pioneered in demonstrating the acute and lasting effectiveness of psycho-education and related psychotherapeutic approaches in the treatment of bipolar disorder. For all this he will be among the prizewinners at the Pierre Hotel in New York City on October 26.