Dr. Joan Carles García-Pagán co-organized the first EASL meeting on Budd-Chiari syndrome, idiopathic portal hypertension and portal vein thrombosis

At the end of June a monothematic conference on liver vascular diseases was held in Tallinn (Estonia), sponsored by the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL). Dr. Joan Carles García-Pagán, a researcher from Hospital Clínic - IDIBAPS - CIBERehd, was the co-organizer of the event on behalf of the EASL. Discussions during the conference were mostly focused on 3 rare liver diseases: Budd-Chiari syndrome, idiopathic portal hypertension and portal vein thrombosis.

Speakers discussed in Tallinn the advances in the study of these diseases as well as the diagnostic and therapeutic challenges that lie ahead. In addition, this meeting gathered for the first time in a single conference issues that usually are treated only partly in conferences and meetings of the specialty. It was a very successful meeting where knowledge and experiences was shared by colleagues from many European countries but also India, China and Turkey, where the prevalence of these diseases is higher.

Two more lecturers taking part in the meeting came from Hospital Clínic - IDIBAPS – CIBERehd: Dr. Jaime Bosch, from the Hospital Clinic Institute of Digestive and Metabolic Diseases, head of the IDIBAPS team on Liver hemodynamics and portal hypertension, and Scientific Director of CIBER of Liver and Digestive Diseases (CIBERehd), and Dr. Annalisa Berzigotti, researcher of the same team.