Dr. Jordi Bruix, new Scientific Director of the Networked Biomedical Research Center for Hepatic and Digestive Diseases

Dr. Jordi Bruix, group leader of the Networked Biomedical Research Center for Hepatic and Digestive Diseases (CIBEREHD) at Hospital Clínic and IDIBAPS, has been appointed CIBEREHD Scientific Director on the CIBER Standing Committee (dependent on the Carlos III Health Institute) held this morning. Dr. Bruix succeeds Dr. Jaume Bosch, also from the Hospital Clinic of  and the IDIBAPS, who occupied this position since 2006.

The work carried out by Dr. Bruix has been decisive in improving the treatment of liver cancer. The studies he has led have provided scientific evidences to make medical decisions in a more appropriate way regarding the treatment of this type of tumor. The ranking "The World's Most Influential Scientific Minds 2014" published by Thomson Reuters has positioned him as one of the most influential researchers in the world in the field of clinical medicine.

Dr. Bruix has been CIBEREHD's deputy director until his appointment today as scientific director and leads the Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer (BCLC), a multidisciplinary group at Hospital Clínic for the management of liver cancer, since its creation nearly 30 years ago. During this time, the studies led by Dr. Bruix have provided a better understanding of risk factors, pathogenesis, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of liver cancer. In fact, the BCLC is now recognized internationally as a leader group in liver cancer. The team led by Dr. Bruix has professionals from all medical specialties involved in liver cancer: hepatologists, radiologists, oncologists, pathologists and surgeons, in addition to molecular biologists. The diagnosis and treatment model developed by the BCLC has been adopted by most of the scientific societies and research centers worldwide.

The work from the BCLC has resulted in more than 300 publications, with a total impact factor above 3,000 and more than 36,000 citations.