Escolab 2015 at IDIBAPS: a route through research laboratories

On March 10th IDIBAPS participated in Escolab 2015, an initiative of the Barcelona City Council that encourages students in secondary education to discover the world of research as well as to find their scientific vocation. This year the IES Montserrat, from Barcelona, participated in the activity organized by the IDIBAPS.

The activity, coordinated by Dr. Gemma Llaverias, started with a presentation of what IDIBAPS is, which is its mission and how it is organized. Then, the students started a tour to visit the facilities of the center and to know closely the work carried out in four of the research groups in the CEK building by the hand of their scientists. The participants in this edition where: the research group in Diabetes and Obesity, with Dr. Belen Nadal; the research group in Gastrointestinal and Pancreatic Oncology with Dr. Jordi Camps; the gene therapy and cancer group, with Eneko Villanueva; and the group of hemato-oncological diseases with Dr. Itziar Salaverría y el Dr. Iñaki Martín-Subero. The researchers explained the main lines of research they are working on, as well as their past career and their future plans.

Students could also know and see how laboratories at IDIBAPS are organized, thanks to its coordinator, Sandra Piquer, and were able to visit the IDIBAPS Scientific Core Facilities, which offer support to the research carried out at the institution, with the head of the facilities, Dr. Anna Bosch.

Finally, Marta Vidal presented the Sketching científic IDIBAPS project, a campaign carried out in 2014, to publicize the research that is carried out in the laboratories daily, through The art of urban natural drawing. A video summarizing the initiative was projected, explaining the two workshops in scientific sketching that were conducted, the exhibition at the Centre Cívic Urgell and the publication of the book.

From the IES Montserrat they highlighted the good organization of the workshop, as well as how friendly and informative were the researchers who participated, and they assured that certainly they would like to participate in future editions.

Escolab 2015

Escolab is an initiative of the Barcelona Science Program of the Culture Institut and the Education Institut of the Barcelona City Council, and benefits from the participation of research centres which offer different activities.

This year EscoLab offers over 100 different activities from researchers working at 50 different laboratories or research departments. The activities are workshops and tours that show the great diversity of laboratories and offer the possibility to get in contact with their multidisciplinary teams and their research areas.