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EU Grants a Project to Test an Innovative HIV Vaccine Candidate in two phase I/IIa clinical trials

The four-year 6M€ European project iHIVARNA, funded by the European Commission, aims to successfully immunize antiretroviral-treated HIV-infected patients with 3 injections of the candidate universal HIV-TriMix-mRNA as an mRNA-based therapeutic vaccine with the final aim of improving the efficacy of therapeutic vaccination against HIV infection.

iHIVARNA is addressing the topic “Safety and efficacy of therapeutic vaccines” of the European Commission 7th Framework Programme Health 2013. The project brings together the expertise of a number of European groups (Spain, Belgium, and Netherlands) in dendritic cell targeting, rational design of immunogens, mRNA manufacturing and immuno-virological monitoring. This proposal continues the work in therapeutic vaccines performed in the last few years in the AIDS Research Unit of IDIBAPS leaded by Dr. Josep M Gatell and the Institute for AIDS Research IrsiCaixa. Dr. Felipe García, from IDIBAPS, is the coordinator of the iHIVARNA Consortium.