Fòrum Salut Clínic explains the "Barcelona Esquerra" Area for Integrated Healthcare

In Barcelona there are many different entities with the aim of providing health services to the population. To coordinate efficiently all stakeholders is essential to provide the best possible service to citizens. Tha Areas for Integrated Healthcare (AIS) were born for this purpose, and to know it is essential to understand how is organized and how operates our network of institutions designed to take care of those who need it. Dr. David Font, Director of Strategy and Planning at Clinic, explained it at Fòrum Salut Clínic last 27th October.

The foundation of the AIS is the coordination of services among organizations that maintain its personality and structures. "It is very important to coordinate with other institutions and work together to provide the best possible service ". Under this premise, Dr. Font talked about the projects and methods used in the four Areas for Integrated Healthcare in Barcelona. Hospital Clínic is the tertiary referral center of "Barcelona Esquerra", which includes the districts of Sants-Montjuïc, Les Corts, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi and Eixample and serves a population of about 500,000 inhabitants. In addition, there is also the AIS "Barcelona Dreta" with the Hospital de Sant Pau, the "Barcelona Nord", with the Hospital Vall Hebron and "Barcelona Litoral" with the Hospital del Mar.

Before the creation of the AIS, held in 2006, it started from a situation with information systems not connected, with a partial ordering of the role of each institution, with specialists in primary extricated from hospitals and with little capacity for resolution . To fix it, "it has been created a network organization: now there are 40 working groups with over 400 professionals from different institutions to coordinate," according to Dr. Font, who also added that "there are now specialists from hospitals who are in the primary care center and have access to the same tests ask than in the hospital ".

Examples of coordination

The director of strategy at Clínic also provided examples several projects undertaken in the framework of the AIS. It is especially relevant Program Cancer Early Detection Colorectal Barcelona. This is an example, as noted by Dr. Font, collaboration among all health entites: "everybody is working in this progrma: from pharmacies to hospitals, through the Primary Care Centers". And this cooperation has enabled many people intervene before the disease is severe and achieve very good results. Moreover, the program has recently been evaluated with 9.5 in a satisfaction survey among users. They were released other examples, such as "Teledermatology" which allows the specialist to get images with skin lesions through telematics systems and avoids delays and unnecessary visits to patients.

It is also highlighted the importance of the new Health Portal Hospital Clínic, a web platform that will allow users to query information on all kinds of health issues and is expected to be operational between the months of January or February 2017. To design it, groups of patients transmitted the need of getting information and sorted by Clínic professionals. As Dr. Font said, " we are constantly thinking of new circuits and proposals and increasingly, patients are asked to meet their demands".

On November 24, Dr. Angel Chamorro, head of the Stroke Unit of the ClÍnic, will give a lecture entitled What do you know about stroke? in the Auditorium Farreras Valenti, at 18.30h.