HIVACAT identifies candidate to HIV vaccine and initiates animal experimentation

In the course of HIVACAT’s III Annual Symposium held today at CaixaForum and organized by the HIVACAT consortium, participated by the IrsiCaixa Institute for AIDS Research and by the Infectious Disease and AIDS Service of the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona - IDIBAPS, in coordination with Esteve, with “la Caixa” Benevolent Fund, and with the Health and Economy and Knowledge Departments of the Generalitat de Catalunya, IrsiCaixa has announced successful identification of candidates to a possible HIV vaccine, and has produced these in the laboratory. The third of the six stages involved in the development of this vaccine is thus initiated, and is to include animal experimentation.

Identified candidates are HIV protein fragments with high potential to stimulate an immune response against this virus and to simultaneously create a lifelong memory to maintain this response against possible future infections. In addition to constituting preventive vaccine candidates, these fragments could also be part of a therapeutic vaccine able to help virus carriers fight and control the infection in order to prevent AIDS onset without requiring lifelong antiretroviral therapy.

For further information: IrsiCaixa