IDIBAPS and Fundació Clínic take part in EATRIS and ECRIN, two European Research Infrastructure Consortium

IDIBAPS and Fundació Clínic take part in two of the ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) consortiums promoted by the European Commission for the establishment and functioning of research infrastructure networks in the EU. These consortiums provide groups and research institutions services related to their activity and allow them to directly participate as members of European projects.

EATRIS consists of five thematic platforms with the aim to help improve translational medicine and productivity in drug and diagnostic tools development. IDIBAPS takes part in the Biomarkers and Imaging and tracing platforms. In addition, EATRIS also provides research groups a range of services aimed to increase the value of their projects. For example, EATRIS makes available to researchers a wide database to find infrastructures or services in the framework of translational research. For more information you can contact Dr. Anna Bosch, coordinator of the IDIBAPS platforms.

ECRIN is a European network to support independent clinical research that integrates national networks of different EU countries, such as SCReN (Spanish Clinical Research Network). These national networks include clinical trials units from different hospitals (CTUs). The ECRIN consortium supports and advises on the design, development and management of such clinical trials. The Clinical Pharmacology IDIBAPS team, led by Dr. Xavier Carné, is an active member in the network activities. Dr. Carné is part of ECRIN Scientific Committee; Dr. Gonzalo Calvo is a member of the management team of SCReN, Dr. Joan Albert Arnaiz coordinates the Hospital Clínic’s CTU, and Dr. Fernando Torres leads the Medical Statistics Platform at IDIBAPS, from which methodological and statistical support is given to projects from the Institute and related institutions. Besides, Dr. Nuria Sanz and Dr. Joaquin Sáez are ECRIN European Correspondents inSpain. For inquires you can contact Dr.  Joaquin Sáez.