IDIBAPS and its associated institutions are leaders in scientific production according to the SCImago Institutions Rankings

The SCImago Research Group, a team from the University of Granada that analyzes scientific production indicators, has published a new edition of the SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR). This document makes a ranking of the scientific institutions appearing in the articles from Elsevier's Scopus database between 2005 and 2009. In other words, it is a ranking of world scientific production. IDIBAPS consortium and its institutions appear in privileged place.

The first two Spanish institutions of the list are the CSIC and the University of Barcelona, which are ranked 9th worldwide and 156th respectively. The Hospital Clínic of Barcelona is the 15th institution in Spain, and the number 506 worldwide. It is the first hospital in the country, and is surpassed only by the leading universities of the state. On the other hand, IDIBAPS is ranked 44th for Spain and 1155th in the world, surpassed in Spain only by the big universities and hospitals. So IDIBAPS is the first research center of the Catalan and Spanish list, and its scientific production quality indicators are well above average.

Of the 2181 articles published by researchers from IDIBAPS between 2005 and 2009, 30.7% have appeared in magazines that are in the top 10% of each specialty. This percentage falls to 25.3% in the case of the the Hospital Clínic, 21.4% for the UB and 10% for the CSIC. Over 70% of IDIBAPS articles were published in first quartile magazines. Articles published by the Institute doubled the international average of quotations. A similar situation is seen in the case of Hospital Clínic.

The ranking underlines the good health of Catalan biomedicine, strengthens the leadership of the IDIBAPS and the institutions that join their efforts inside it. We invite you to analyze in detail the results of this study in the SCImago Research Group website: