IDIBAPS celebrates the European Month of the Brain

Europe organizes in May the European Month of the Brain. IDIBAPS organizes its research devoted to the study of this complex organ through the Clinical and Experimental Neuroscience Area. This Institute is an international benchmark in many areas of research in neuroscience, a leading role reflected in the variety of activities planned during May. The proposals range from educational activities to first class scientific meetings or a presentation at the European Parliament of the findings reached by a research project coordinated from IDIBAPS - Hospital Clínic of Barcelona.

Some of the most important activities carried out by researchers from IDIBAPS for the European Month of the Brain are:

  • May 15 - The European project AMPHORA presents a manifesto at the European Parliament during the Awareness Week on Alcohol Related Harm. The AMPHORA European project, coordinated from the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona by Dr. Antoni Gual, head of the Addictions Unit of the Hospital Clínic and researcher at the IDIBAPS team Biological bases of psychiatric disorders and nuclear psychiatry, ends eith the presentation of a manifesto in the European Parliament after four years of work. This initiative, which has joined the efforts of over 30 European institutions, urges for a major change in the labeling policies of alcoholic beverages, a greater control of alcohol marketing and an effort to close the treatment gap.
  • May 27 - Salut i Cervell (Brain and Health) sessions. Dr. Maria Victoria Sánchez-Vives, head of the IDIBAPS Systems Neurobiology team, organizes the lecture series "Brain and Health" in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council. The research team led by her is very active in the communication of science to society, and proposes these public activities at the Centre Cívic Urgell.
  • May 28 -31 - Noise in Decision Making: Theory Meets Experiment. The Workshop joins the main cortical activity experts to discuss new theories of how decisions are made. The meeting will explore the paradigm shift suggesting that brain function is not as hierarchical as expected, with its parts operating in an integrated manner. Systems biology is providing a lot of information on how this amazing organ works, as reflected in the workshop program promoted by Dr. Albert Compte and his collaborators at the IDIBAPS Systems Neuroscience team.
  • May 28 - Neurodesconferència II. The team led by Dr. Maria Victoria Sánchez-Vives surprises us again with a Neurodesconference. This is a participative event where attendees take an active role in short talks, intense debates and discussion groups.
  • May 29 - Presentation of the IDIBAPS Neuroimmunology team work program. The IDIBAPS Neuroimmunology team officially presents its work program in a session open to the scientific community with the participation of Dr. Harmut Wekerle, from the Max-Planck Institute. With renowned researchers such as Dr Francesc Graus, Dr Josep Dalmau, Dr Pablo Villoslada or Dr Albert Saiz, this group represents a major focus of research in southern Europe in neuroimmunological diseases, such as multiple sclerosis or autoimmune encephalitis.
  • May 29 - Seminar by Kuei Y. Tseng, MD, PhD, from The Chicago Medical School. With the title "Association of Drug Use During Adolescence, Prefrontal GABAergic Circuits and Impulsivity", professor Kuei Y. Tseng will offer a scientiffic session organized by Dr. Francesc Artigas, investigator at the IDIBAPS team Neuropharmacology and experimental neuropathology.
IDIBAPS and its researchers collaborate or participate in other activities that will be carried on throughout the month of May. For more information, visit the European Month of the Brain official website, which brings together all the initiatives in Europe.