IDIBAPS celebrates the first course on innovation and diabetes within the AstraZeneca Chair

The Institute of Biomedical Research August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS) held on 23 and 24 October the first training course of the AstraZeneca Chair in Diabetes Innovation entitled "Innovation and diabetes: new strategies for implementation of research into clinical practice". It was addressed to specialists and primary care physicians, and its main objective was to convey the interest and research value to understand, prevent and cure diabetes and its complications. Another aspect discussed in this course was innovation in communication to achieve a change in patient's attitude towards the disease. This course was led by Dr. Ramon Gomis, Director of IDIBAPS, and Dr. Daniel Figuerola, from the  Rossend Carrasco and Formiguera Foundation has collaborated together with other clinical experts and researchers in the field of type 2 diabetes from IDIBAPS and Hospital Clinic.

This course is part of the action plan of the AstraZeneca Chair in Diabetes Innovation for 2014-2015. It was divided into two modules, one theoretical and one practical session. Using an interactive system, the 10 participating physicians were able to delve into some of the most relevant concepts and techniques used in the basic and clinical research in the field of type 2 diabetes.

Innovation in Diabetes

One of the main points of this course was the why and how of innovation in diabetes. As Dr. Ramon Gomis explains, "behind the latest innovation there are always cultural changes and new procedures, that means, there is not only a step forward, but an innovative procedure behind every new discovery".

"In this regard, we decided to start this training program with innovation in therapeutic education as we believe that changes in habits are essential to achieve future goals. We rely on evidence, in what has been the impact of clinical experimentation and that has been agreeded, but that has broken or breaks paradigms", says Dr. Gomis.

Communication: the key for changing attitudes in patients

Moreover, this training course focuses on innovation in communication in order to change the attitudes of patients with diabetes. According to Dr. Daniel Figuerola, "it is obvious that health professionals who care for chronic patients must be well trained, not only in biomedical aspects but also in the psychological, anthropological and pedagogical ones that allow them to improve their effectiveness and to avoid burnout. However, the current study plans hardly ever include this kind of training ".

The first chair launched at IDIBAPS

AstraZeneca Chair in Diabetes Innovation is the first public-private initiative that articulated from IDIBAPS with the aim of promoting translational research and innovation in the field of diabetes.