IDIBAPS celebrates the second course on innovation and diabetes within the AstraZeneca Chair

The Institute of Biomedical Research August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS) hosted on 13 and 14 March the second training course of the AstraZeneca Chair in Diabetes Innovation. With the main objective of conveying the interest and value of research to understand, prevent and cure diabetes and its complications, this second course has mainly been focused on three issues: the benefits of exercise in people with diabetes; the use of nanovaccines in the field of autoimmune diseases and diabetes; and new prototypes of artificial mini-pancreas.

In the first lecture, Dr. Anna Novials, head of the IDIBAPS team Pathogenesis and Prevention of Diabetes, explained the new methodologies for the application of the practice of physical exercise in people with diabetes, and how to evaluate its effectiveness through microRNAs. It is a very innovative proposal that incorporates online systems for the practice of exercise and at the same time, a very simple and precise alternative for the validation of its impact.

Later, Dr. Jesus Blanco, researcher at the IDIBAPS group Pathogenesis and treatment of autoimmunity led by Dr. Pere Santamaria, talked about the research developed within the group with promising results in the field of nanovaccines for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, including diabetes.

Finally, Dr. Marga Giménez, researcher of the IDIBAPS team Diabetes: metabolic and molecular networks, presented the new prototype of artificial mini-pancreas for the treatment of diabetes and its clinical application.

These presentations and discussions around a table, were accompanied by proposals for projects and practical applications of topics such as project design, epigenetic analysis, the study of cellular plasticity of pancreatic islet cells, the assessment of cardiovascular risk and the impact of lifestyle on diabetes control.

The next course of the AstraZeneca Chair in Diabetes Innovation entitled "Health, Diabetes and Gastronomy” will take place at the Alicia Foundation.