IDIBAPS collaborates with Casal Infantil Urgell in a SceneMob for the TV3 Telethon

Casal Infantil Urgell, a space for children's entertainment within the Centre Cívic Urgell in the Eixample district, organizes a family and solidarity activity to celebrate the TV3 Telethon, dedicated this year to neurodegenerative diseases research. The aim of the activity is to film a SceneMob which will be sent to the Catalan Television. IDIBAPS is collaborating by providing attrezzo material and inviting its employees to participate.

A SceneMob is similar to a lipdub music video, made by a group of people who synchronize their lips, gestures and movements with a popular song. Unlike lipdub, where recording is done touring a space, in a SceneMob action occurs in a particular place with an action taking place in a stage. The sceneMob recording will take place on Friday November 8 at 17:00h. This video will be officially presented, in a very cinematic way, on Friday December 13, along with a pop-rock concert by JULES, all of these special activities being held to collect funds for the Foundation La Marató de TV3 .

Learn how to participate at the Centre Cívic Urgell and trough the inscription sheet.