IDIBAPS is among the 25 Spanish centers with a greatest success in the European calls

According to a report by the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial, CDTI), Spanish centers have totalled a grant of 2969.3 million for their participation in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP) in the period 2007-2013. IDIBAPS, which was granted 37 European projects, 15 of them led by its researchers, is among the 25 Spanish institutions that have achieved a higher return for their participation in this call for European projects.

Spain temporarily occupies, along with the Netherlands, the fifth position in the ranking of countries by the return obtained in the seventh FP, having received an 8.3% of the total budget allocated to the countries of the EU27, after Germany (18.2 %), the UK (16.8%), France (12.1%) and Italy (9.3%). As for the distribution by return within Spain, Madrid (29.7%) is placed in the first position closely followed by Catalonia (29.1%).

You can consult the full document on the website of CDTI.