Inatal, all the information about pregnancy in a click

Early February, the Research Team in Maternal Fetal Medicine from the Hospital Clínic premiered inatal, the first web about pregnancy created by a large medical center in the country.

With the slogan "Health begins before birth", inatal has been created to provide accurate information, useful and transparent about this stage of life. With inatal they seek to promote the active participation among pregnants through forums in which both they and their families and associations, can answer their questions and concerns with rigor and more reliably.

To enhance this interaction and to provide relevant information in a flexible way, in inatal have been created three channels of communication:

  • Forums: Where is offered the opportunity to learn about the experiences and feelings of others. These virtual consultation rooms, are observed and moderated by medical professionals who respond to user queries and advise with the highest frequency.
  • Pregnancy: This section contains information specific to the process of pregnancy. It is developed extensively by week of pregnancy and there are spectacular ultrasounds and images that can be helpful for mothers who want to better understand what is happening to them or what will happen.
  • News: It's a section with interesting news to pregnant women and their families, about scientific and social information.