Joel Montané is awarded with the Jose Antonio Hedo Prize from the Spanish Society of Diabetes

The Foundation of the Spanish Diabetes Society has awarded the Jose Antonio Hedo Prize on young basic research to Dr. Joel Montané, reasearcher at the the Pathogenesis and Prevention of Diabetes IDIBAPS group, for his scientific career in the field of diabetes. This group, which belongs to the Diabetes and Associated Metabolic Diseases (CIBERDEM) from CIBER, is led by Dr. Anna Novials and aims to generate new knowledge about the mechanisms of pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of diabetes.

The award was presented last April on the XXVII National Congress of the Spanish Society of Diabetes (SED). During his lecture held in Bilbao, Dr. Montané explained the most important achievements of his scientific career carried out in different laboratories: at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, with Dr. Fàtima Bosch; at the University of British Colombia (Canada), with Dr. Bruce Verchere; and now at the IDIBAPS, with Dr. Anna Novials. He also stressed the importance of research both at a basic and a clinical level for the well-being of diabetic patients.

Jose Antonio Hedo Prize aims to promote excellence in diabetes basic research in among young researchers of our country. The award is named after Dr. Jose Antonio Hedo, a Spanish researcher, internationally renowned in the pathophysiology of diabetes field, and who died young. Now in its third edition, this biennial award is one of the most important distinctions awarded by the SED.