New ENERCA website launched

The new ENERCA website (European Reference Network for Rare and Congenital Anaemias) is completely accessible on-line at since 28th Monday February 2011. The ENERCA website is aimed at Health Professionals who are interested in rare anaemias and also to patients affected with one of these diseases.

The launching of the new ENERCA website coincides with the celebration of the International Rare Diseases Day, which happens to be a nice contribution to the dissemination of the rare diseases knowledge in the field of rare anaemias.

ENERCA website is the pivotal tool for the dissemination of up to date knowledge on rare anaemias at a European level. Moreover, it constitutes a platform to improve the exchange of information among health professionals across different countries, as well as to empower the patients by means of facilitating the links between patient associations and the scientific community.

Based on this, you will find in ENERCA website most relevant news and scientific events regarding rare anaemias, a list of centres and health professionals dealing with these diseases across Europe, as well as a list of patients associations and different scientific and educational material aiming to improve the knowledge of these diseases and increase their public awareness.

Whether you are a health professional, a patient or you are just interested in knowing more about rare anaemias, we encourage you to visit our new website