Non-invasive ventilation increases survival rate of chronic respiratory disease in ICU patients

This technique is easy to use in any ICU. The concerning paper proves it’s beneficial effects if applied immediately after extubation in patients suffering from chronic respiratory disease and high indicators of disease severity. Complications after extubation drop in over 30% of the cases and 90 days survival was increased in 20%. The conclusions of the study will cause the adaptation of the international clinical practice.

The Lancet is expected to publish the paper today, but it only will be available online. The conclusions of this review state that correct application of non-invasive ventilation after extubation increases survival of critical chronic respiratory patients in 20%. The study included 106 patients who were admitted in Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and it was performed by a group of investigators belonging to the Applied Research in Respiratory Infectious Diseases, Critical patients and Lung Cancer team, who were altogether lead by Dr. Miquel Ferrer and Dr. Antoni Torres, as Chief of Pneumology at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and project leader at the IDIBAPS. The outstanding results have definitely ended the controversy about the beneficial effects of non-invasive ventilation in these types of patients and it is most likely that future clinical practice around the world will be adjusted to the protocol described in this paper.